Music as Intervention​

Inspired by the philosophy of the Venezuelan musical youth development program, El Sistema, the goals and outcomes of ROH are social as well as musical. The central mission of the El Sistema-inspired ROH is to strengthen individual youth competencies that promote pro-social, anti-aggressive, and civically minded behaviors. The goals within this mission are to strengthen executive function skill development through collective musical ensemble learning, as well as to increase social capital through development of strong pro-social relationships with peers, parents and other adults. Finally, an additional goal is to promote civic engagement of Roxbury youth through the development of problem-solving and leadership skills that can be transferred into out-of program contexts.

The Orchestra: A Model Community


An Orchestra is a model community where members must listen to each other and work together to achieve success. Mandatory parent involvement in the program will deepen relationships between parents and their children. This strengthened relationship will be the foundation for our goal of community renewal.